Century Arms PAP M92 PV AK Pistol Review with Krinkov Device and SB-47 pistol brace

Century Arms PAP M92 PV AK pistol with Krinkov Device and SB-47 pistol brace For the impatient I’ll tell you up front that I expected to dislike the PAP M92 PV […]

Century PAP M92 AK pistol reviewCentury Arms PAP M92 PV AK pistol with Krinkov Device and SB-47 pistol brace

For the impatient I’ll tell you up front that I expected to dislike the PAP M92 PV AK pistol. Somehow I ended up liking it so much that I purchased the review sample gun. It is rare that I purchase guns sent to review and I certainly didn’t expect to like this one enough to purchase it.

WHY the Century PAP M92 PV AK pistol?

Let’s get something straight right away… I am an American! I like apple pie (especially with ice cream), and can tolerate baseball (on TV in the background, if my back is to it and the volume is low) and I like my rifles with “Made in USA” stamped on them.

PAP M92 AK Pistol Review - Jeff inserting magazine

Jeff inserting magazine

I never wanted an AK variant rifle. I grew up during the Cold War and the AK was the symbol of all that was evil in the world.

So… how did I end up reviewing an AK based pistol from Century Arms? Easy, I asked for it.

The AR15 has taken over in the USA as the most popular rifle, but many folks are branching out and looking for something different. The AK platform is battle proven and well supported in the aftermarket. So, the AK has become a growing force in the US market. If it is popular here in the US, then the Gear Report team needs to take a look at it.

What exactly is a PAP M92 AK Pistol?

The PAP M92 AK Pistol is an AK47/74 type semi-auto action with a short barrel and no buttstock. With it’s shortened handguards I think it looks a bit like a baby AK. This particular model is manufactured by a rather proven Serbian arms maker, Zastava. We received our test and evaluation sample from Century International Arms with a small thread protector sleeve covering the external muzzle threads. Century Arms also provided a Krinkov Muzzle device and Century SB-47 Stabilizing Arm Brace for AK47 style pistols.

Century PAP M92 PV Pistol arm brace in box

Century PAP M92 PV Pistol arm brace SB-47 Stabilizing Brace

Here is how the PAP M92 PV AK pistol is described at Atlantic Firearms and Impact Guns:

“Zastava PAP M92 PV AK pistol w/ Krinkov Style Muzzle Brake

This AK style pistol is a brand new firearm made by the famous Zastava factory in Serbia. This M92 PV Pistol comes equipped with the sleek Krinkov Muzzle  extension, dimpled receiver, hinged top cover, chrome bolt, krink-style rear sight, dual aperture front sight, and a bolt hold-open notch on the selector.- Comes with two 30 rd. mags and type may vary .

PAP M92 AK47 Pistol review - receiver

PAP M92 AK47 Pistol review - handguard


  • 7.62x39mm caliber
  • stamped receiver
  • hinged top cover
  • weighs 5.69 lbs.
  • comes with two hi-cap magazines
  • Maximum range – > 500 yards; effective range- < 300 yards


  • Category : Specialty
  • Type : AK Pistol
  • Action : Semi-Automatic
  • Caliber : 7.62X39
  • Barrel Length : 10.0″
  • Capacity : 30+1
  • Safety : Manual
  • Grips : Black Synthetic
  • Sights : Fixed
  • Weight : 105.6 oz
  • Metal Finish : Black

How did it shoot?

Surprisingly well, once we got all of the parts installed.

Before installing the Krinkov Muzzle device or SB-47 Stabilizing Arm Brace the PAP M92 PV AK pistol was a bit unwieldy and heavy for one handed shooting. However, we shot a few types of cheap 7.62×39 FMJ ammo and had no failures or functional issues. At first the big AK safety lever was a bit stiff, but it loosened up the more it was used. We also shot the PAP M92 PV AK pistol right after dusk and were amazed at the size and intensity of the fireball that it produced. The Serbian AK Pistol performed well enough and was fun to shoot.

Century PAP M92 AK pistol review - fireballHere is a note I posted after our first night shoot:

“Yeah… maybe I should put the Krinkov Muzzle device on the Century Arms PAP M92 AK pistol…
And no, it is not photoshopped at all. That is a screen capture from the initial function testing video we shot earlier this week. This was step one of our review. Next we will install the muzzle device and SB-47 Stabilizing Arm Brace to see what difference they make. So far, the PAP M92 is shootable one handed, but is fairly heavy and a chore to shoot as a one handed pistol. The weight probably helps mitigate recoil, but also makes it harder to hold steady when aiming… typical issue with pistols that shoot rifle cartridges.”

Installing the Krinkov Muzzle device

The Krinkov Muzzle device installation required filing the spot weld that held the thread protector sleeve on the end of the barrel. We weren’t expecting to have to file through a weld, but once we figured out that was required, it was a fairly easy process. Once the bulk of the weld was filed off Josejuan used channel lock pliers to gently wiggle the sleeve back and forth until the remaining bit of weld that could not be filed broke loose and allowed the sleeve to be unscrewed from the barrel.
*HINT: the barrel threads are reverse pitch to what we normally see… so you have to turn the thread protector the “wrong” way to get it to come off.

Here are some notes I took after installing the Krink on the PAP M92 PV AK pistol :

“We got a step closer to wrapping up the review the night before last, as we were able to fire at night with and without the Krink. Holy Crap! What a difference it makes! The fireball without it was blinding. With the Krink… definitely MUCH more shootable.

Now we have to figure out how to get the grip off so we can do accuracy testing with and without the arm brace. Tried several different screwdrivers and can’t get the screw to budge. So, not yet able to install the arm brace.

An interesting aside… one thing we tested last night was shooting a Glock pistol equipped with an IR laser via a PVS-14 helmet mounted NV. There was no place to mount the IR laser on the PAP, so I took of the helmet and just shot at the gong, which was nearly totally invisible in the dark maybe 20 yards away. 2 hits out of 5 shots… I could barely see the gong on the first shot, and was nearly blinded by the muzzle blast. No way I could see the sights. The PAP just has a natural aim point, I guess.”

As noted, the Krink made a bigger difference than expected in taming the muzzle flash. The Kinkov muzzle device also directs more of the sound forward, away from the shooter, which is a definite plus since this little beast has quite a bark.

Installing the SB-47 Stabilizing Pistol Arm Brace

Century PAP M92 PV Pistol SB-47 stabilizing brace boxInstallation of the SB-47 Stabilizing Arm Brace proved to be more challenging than expected. It looked simple enough. Just use a flat blade screwdriver to loosen the pistol grip, slide the SB-47 mounting bracket in between the pistol grip and the receiver, re-tighten the pistol grip screw. Here is a link to the .pdf of the official instructions: Century SB-47 ak pistol stabilizing brace installation instructions

I sent a note to my contact at Century and was given the email of the Product Specialist to help solve this. Here is the note I sent:

“…you might be able to help us sort out how to get the pistol grip screw off of the PAP so we can install the arm brace. We have tried a couple of different big screwdrivers and the screw won’t budge. Hesitant to try anything else that could damage the grip, screw, or anything else. Are there any tips you can give? ie. Likely that it is just a stuck screw and we need to try harder. Or might it be reverse threaded? Have you seen others with the same issue and  know how to solve it without breaking anything?”

And the replies from Century:

“Good afternoon Jeff, Sometime those pistol grip screws can be a real effort to remove. I have found that the largest screwdriver that I can find fits through the pistol grip will work with a bit of effort. Sometimes, it does feel like you are pulling the threads out.

What I can additionally suggest is that you put a decent amount of highly viscous lubricant or penetrating oil on the grip nut.

If you break something, let me know, I’ll send you out a replacement.

Let me know if I may be of any additional assistance, and/or how you make out.”


“It could take quite an effort to loosen it. I have also used a bit in a socket with a 3/8 impact driver to remove them. The most important thing is to have a screwdriver blade that matches the size of the screw head. That will permit all applied torque to be transmitted to the bolt, rather than through the shaft of the screwdriver.”

So, with the official blessing of Century to break out the hammer, I let Josejuan loose on the PAP M92 PV AK pistol

And the note back to Century:

“We FINALLY got that #$!@# screw out and installed the arm brace! 🙂
Hope to shoot it this evening and get some good stills and video so we can move on with writing the review.
Sorry for the delay. Took a while to track down the proper impact driver and snug fitting bit.”

1-Century PAP M92 PV Pistol (3)_1200x900Was the SB-47 Stabilizing Arm Brace worth the effort?


Adding the combination of the Krinkov Muzzle Device and the SB-47 Stabilizing Arm Brace took the fun little PAP M92 AK pistol and turned it from a bit of a novelty to a very usable firearm. Having shot a variety of AR15 pistols I expected that the AK pistol would be rather intuitive to shoot with the SB-47 Stabilizing pistol Arm Brace, and it was. When you strap the SB-47 arm brace onto your arm, you make the pistol an extension of your arm. Shooting means extending your arm to basically point at the intended target. With an AR15 pistol I found it challenging to get the right optic at the right height to easily align with the angle of the pistol.  However, since the PAP M92 PV AK pistol does not have a rail for easy installation of an optic. That leaves the iron sights, which were at the right height for me to get an easy sight picture alignment.

Century PAP M92 PV Pistol (5)Red Army Standard Ammo

Century also sent along a bit of their Red Army Standard 7.62×39 brass cased, boxer primed ammo. Through a variety of range sessions we found the PAP M92 PV AK pistol  ate all ammo equally well. The advantage of the Red Army Standard ammo is that the Boxer primed brass cases are easy for US shooters to reload.


Given my background and frequent harassment from our AR Guru and FFL Jason, I really didn’t expect to like the PAP M92 PV AK Pistol. After several hundred rounds through it the little beast  has won me over. I started out expecting to hate it on principle as well as looks, but wasn’t able to resist the extra punch of the 7.62×39 round wrapped up in such a handy little package. The PAP M92 PV AK pistol would make a rather kick-ass truck gun.

Gear Score
The Century International Arms PAP M92 PV AK pistol proved to be perfectly reliable and, while equipped with the Krinkov Muzzle Device and SB-47 stabilizing brace, a rather stable and easy to shoot 7.62x39 pistol

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