Boyds Gunstocks Ruger 10/22 Hardwood Stock Upgrade Review

Boyds’ Gunstocks Ruger 10/22 Hardwood Stock Upgrade Review Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks is one of the leading manufacturers of OEM and replacement stocks for an incredible list of rifle models. They […]

Boyds’ Gunstocks Ruger 10/22 Hardwood Stock Upgrade Review

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks is one of the leading manufacturers of OEM and replacement stocks for an incredible list of rifle models. They have laminated and solid hardwood options in a wide variety wood types, colors, shapes and finishes. If there is something that you have dreamed and is not available, they might be open to evaluating your wish and maybe make it happen (yes, this will cost you extra). Boyds has provided us stocks to customize two of our Ruger 10-22 rifles as part of our 22lr Project series. The two versions sent for this review are the “pepper” (grey) colored Blaster Left Handed, and the “Sky” (blue) SS Evolution.

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Boyds descriptions

Blaster Left Handed for RUGER 10/22 RIFLE

  • Barrel Dimensions .920″
  • Over All Length of Part: 29 1/2
  • Comes with Boyds’ 1/2″ Rubber Recoil Pad
  • Designed for owner installation

SS Evolution for RUGER 10/22 RIFLE

  • Barrel Dimensions 13/16″
  • Over All Length of Part: 26 3/4″
  • Comes with Boyds’ 1/2″ Rubber Recoil Pad.
  • Designed for owner installation

*A word of cautuon from Boyds about 10/22 stocks

These stocks come with brass mounting escutcheons and are designed for the Factory Ruger 10/22 Semi-Auto Action, measuring 6 3/16″ long.

First impressions

The Stocks came well wrapped in packing paper inside a two layers of durable boxes, which doubled the protection for the stocks.

The wood finish is smooth and the polyurethane coat is even. There are no flaws or uncovered areas of the wood, which is great considering the amount of curved surfaces present in the complex, flowing lines of these stocks. Boyds’ recoil pad is a great addition to the 10/22, since the Ruger carbine stock does not come with one, unless you consider the metal plate a “recoil pad”. I know that most adults would agree that 22lr doesn’t produce much recoil, but the rubber recoil pad also adds a non-slip griping surface that helps keep the stock properly placed against your shoulder. This is an improvement compared to the smooth metal plate that Ruger supplied on the original stocks.


We used two Ruger 10-22 rifles from our long term review inventory which have been reviewed previously. One is a rather uninspired standard Ruger 10/22 Carbine rifle (review link). The other is our pride and joy, the Clark Custom Guns Clark 10/22 (review link). You can follow along in the pictures of the process below. Considering that the exchange only requires a couple of Allen wrenches and a flathead screwdriver, I would give the process a 2 out of 10 on the difficulty scale.


Don’t forget to set the safety half way in so it does not keep you from removing the barreled action from the host stock.

Boyds Blaster stock install…

Boyds SS Evolution stock install

What is different after installation?

Once the stocks were installed on each 10/22, I found that the rifles now have a better feel against my shoulder. The ergonomic shape and pistol grip on both of the stocks allow for a more natural and easy hold.

The Blaster truly addresses the needs of the left handed crowd. The Blaster’s cheek weld area does a great job of contacting the face with plenty material and the stocks finish will not roughen up your skin even with prolonged shooting with your face stuck against it. One negative thing about the stocks is that as a mass produced product, the grip is sized for the masses. If you happen to have Sasquatch sized grippers, then the thumb holes or interior curves around the thumbhole may be a bit snug on your hand. Being wooden stocks, it isn’t that hard to file or sand and refinish any areas that you modify for better fit. If you expect to make modifications on the stocks, Boyds offers finishing products and even better, you could start out with their unfinished stock option. The unfinished stock will be inletted and ready for the action, but you can tweak the contours to your liking before adding your choice of finish coating.


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Make it your own!

If you have not noticed, one of the options offered by Boyds’ is engraving. As we were discussing which logo to provide for the stocks, we wondered how the small details in our round Gear-Report logo would turn out. It was a great surprise seeing the nice details in the engraving. See for yourself in the images.

Final thoughts

After upgrading our rifles and a couple of months using them, I have yet to find a negative result. The better aesthetics, color, stability, and free floating of the barrels are a all very positive changes. The fit and finish of both of our stocks was fantastic when delivered, and both have held up well through many trips to the shooting range. I am sure that the vast color and shape options in Boyds’ catalog will satisfy almost any preferences. I have to mention that having the option of finishing your own stock is nice, as is personalizing your stock with custom engraving.

Gears Rating:

Gear Score
If a new hardwood stock is in your planned upgrades for almost any rifle available, the Boyds Gunstocks should be in your list for serious consideration.

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