AR500 Armor Level III Body Armor and Condor Plate Carrier Intro Review Preview

Check out the video for a quick intro to the AR500 Armor Level III body armor in a Condor Operator II Plate Carrier from The table in the video […]

Check out the video for a quick intro to the AR500 Armor Level III body armor in a Condor Operator II Plate Carrier from

The table in the video is the HySkore Ten Ring Portable Shooting Bench, which we REALLY like. level III body armor with condor operator plate carrier level III body armor with condor operator plate carrier

Products we will review:

(1) Operator II® Carrier-Multicam
(1) Chest Mounted Pistol Holster-Multicam
(1) Double AR Mag Pouch-Multicam
(1) Double Pistol Mag Pouch-Multicam
(2) 10×12 Curved Level III with PAXCON Buildup coating
(1) 10×12 Flat Level III with PAXCON Buildup coating
(2) 6×8 Curved Level III Side Plates with PAXCON Buildup coating

Note that there are one too many 10×12 armor plates listed. That is no mistake.

We will shoot the “extra” 10×12 armor plate with a variety of ammo from Ammunition Supply Company to see how the plate holds up and how the ammo performs. I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about ruining a perfectly good armor plate. However, had no hesitation in sending a plate for us to shoot. I expect that the first few shots will be (linked for more info on each round):

The guys at Ammunition Supply Company are really eager to see how the G2 Rip ammo does, as there are rumors of that ammo penetrating some form of steel plate and still expanding. We shoot 1/2″ AR 500 steel targets regularly and haven’t had any handgun or .223 rounds make much of a dent in them. So, I will be really surprised if any of these make it through… but, just in case, we will put a ballistic gel block behind the armor plate.

I expect that Ammunition Supply Company  will have something bigger for us to shoot the plate with as well. Please leave your suggestions in the comments. body

We wanted to test their products because is gaining a reputation for high quality body armor at competitive prices. Their body armor is manufactured and coated in-house 100% in the USA, which we really appreciate. While they are most know for the AR500 steel armor that the brand is named for, they also carry a wide range of soft body armor and composite body armor, as well as medical kits, tactical supplies and accessories, etc.

GearReport logo Round AR15Where’d you get that ammo, bro?

We are fortunate to have an arrangement with Ammunition Supply Company where they provide ammunition for all of our reviews. In return, we share our videos and reviews with ASC for them to use on their website. For this review we shot Winchester 9mm FMJ 115 Grain “white box”, Remington UMC 9mm FMJ 115 Grain and Speer LE Gold Dot 9mm JHP 115 Grain.

Huge thanks to Ammunition Supply Company, who kicked in nearly 100 rounds of 115 grain ammo for this test.


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