AR Soc Custom Printed AR Magazine Cover for GI Mags or PMags

Here is another product that I was a bit skeptical about until I had it in my hands and realized exactly how cool it is. The AR Soc is… well… a […]

AR Soc ar-15 printed magazine cover for pmag or gi mag - Come and take itHere is another product that I was a bit skeptical about until I had it in my hands and realized exactly how cool it is.
The AR Soc is… well… a sock, for your standard capacity AR-15 magazine. From looking at the pictures on the website, I had surmised that the AR Soc is a thin decorative cloth sleeve to give a new aesthetic appearance to an AR-15 magazine. And it is… and more!

Now that I have held one and installed on a magazine, I openly admit to initially underestimating how cool a decorative magazine sleeve would be.

The decorative aspect is only one benefit. The thin neoprene base material of the AR Soc improves grip on the magazine a bit. The graphics improve grip a LOT. I don’t know what sort of rubberized printing medium AR Customs uses when they print the graphics on the AR Soc, but it is just grippy enough, without being tacky, where you would expect it to pick up dirt, sand, etc.

I’m actually looking forward to using a magazine with an AR Soc on it in one of my hunting stands this fall, as the shooting rail is at just the right height and distance from me that the magazine tends to bump it. The AR Soc should silence the magazine contact with the shooting rail. I also expect that spare mags won’t clang around as much when wrapped in an AR Soc.

So… looks cool, adds grip and quiets the magazine… all worthy benefits, but the one that blew me away is that you can have your own design printed on the AR Soc! The more I look at the AR Soc, the more ideas I have… custom birthday presents and Christmas gifts, branded promotional items, gag gifts, or even just because they look cool. If my math is correct, they have about 120 different designs listed on their website.
I sent AR Customs a Gear Report logo, and a few days later, these smoking hot nuggets of badassery landed in the Gear Report mail box:

AR Soc ar-15 printed magazine cover for pmag or gi mag

Custom AR Soc by

AR Soc ar-15 printed magazine cover for pmag or gi mag - US Air Force

US Air Force printed AR Soc. Aim High! 2nd most awesome AR Soc design ever created.

I put the PMag version AR Soc on a brand new ProMag RollerMag and it fit just fine. Because the base of the RollerMag is pretty wide, I removed the base first and slowly worked the AR Soc up the magazine until it was in place. The whole process took all of about 4 minutes. The following is cut and pasted from, as they do a great job of describing the product and installation process.

“AR Socs are available for 30rd AR15 style USGI mags and also available for most all other polymer 30rd mags including PMags. They are 2 different sizes. Many more sizes and configurations are currently in development. When purchasing your Soc on the product page select the size of your magazine.  Remember when installing your AR Soc™ to take it slow and alternate from side to side and top to bottom when pulling it up on the magazine to prevent overstretching. Each Soc takes a minute or possibly more to get into place correctly and slight adjustments may be necessary to line it up the way you want it. They fit tightly. Each Soc has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee as well. All our Socs are handmade by us in Texas and if you have any quality concerns, or are not happy with yours for whatever reason, please contact us and we’ll make it right!

AK Socs are currently made for 30rd steel AK47 style magazines only. It is very important to install them onto a smooth surface steel mag. Also we recommend using “Sprayway” or any other ammonia free foaming glass cleaner to make the installation easier and avoid possibly overstretching. Spray the bottom half of the magazine and slide it on. The top end of the Soc has a slit cut into it and the slit lines up with the ridge on the back of the magazine.

AR Soc ar-15 printed magazine cover  These Socs are a result of almost 2 years research and development. We tested every material and compound known to man to come up with the best product possible. They are made from a super strong, super thin neoprene rubber compound made to our specs and fit tightly around the base of the magazines. They will not move around once theyre installed unless you want to move them and can be uninstalled and reinstalled as many times as you want. They will not obstruct the magazine from installing in the gun when properly installed and look great.

         In addition to the improvement in the way the guns look the other great thing about our product is that we install a grip assist coating on both sides of the Soc that gets you extra grip on your mags and feels great! We appreciate and look forward to your feedback. Please contact us if theres some other design or image youd like us to put on your Socs. Custom Socs are easily done and we’d love to make you one!”
Gear Score
Decent value for stock AR Soc, great value for custom AR Soc
As we get out and shoot with the AR Socs I will update this review. Also look for the AR Soc in future product stills, range photos and videos. It looks so cool with the Gear Report logo that I will be tempted to use it in all of our photo shoots. 🙂

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