AR-15 Bump Fire Rifle Stock Full Review: Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD

AR-15 Bump Fire Rifle Stock Full Review: Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD Before we dig into the details of the Slide fire SSAR-15 MOD AR15 stock, lets address the elephant in […]

AR-15 Bump Fire Rifle Stock Full Review: Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD AR-15 custom rifle build 2016 - SlideFire

Stock close-up

Before we dig into the details of the Slide fire SSAR-15 MOD AR15 stock, lets address the elephant in the room…

Is Bump fire legal?

As far as I know Bump Fire is legal in most places in the USA. There are likely a few misguided states or localities that have restrictions.

What is Bump Fire?

A method of using the natural recoil of a semi-auto firearm to bounce the trigger off of the shooter’s finger in a RAPID fashion. Bump fire does NOT convert a firearm to “full auto” since only one round is fired for each pull of the trigger.


You decide what you think, but in my opinion bump fire stocks are tons of fun when used responsibly. Lets be honest… most folks don’t have access to fully automatic firearms. The absurd laws in the US restricting types of firearms that can be purchased without government permission have made legal ownership, or even possession of fully automatic firearms prohibitively complicated and expensive for most people. Lots of law abiding folks have never shot an automatic firearm and are curious about what it is like. I am lucky that as a gun writer I have frequent opportunities to shoot automatic firearms. From first hand experience I can honestly say that bump fire really doesn’t feel the same as automatic firing… but it is close enough to still be really fun.

Yep. FUN.

That three letter word is why I have kept Slide Fire stocks on two of my personal rifles long after we finished shooting them for this review. I am not trying to be “tactical” or live some childhood dream of being a Navy SEAL (SEALs are cool too, but I wanted to be a fighter pilot). Sometime it just makes me happy to blow through a magazine really fast.

Where can you get a Slide Fire stock?

Slide Fire sells all of their stocks (for a variety of rifles and shotguns), complete firearms, and various other accessories online at

Full review video:
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What Slide Fire says about the SSAR-15 MOD bump fire stock



Dual Locking Mechanisms: For serious accuracy
Adjustable Length: Six separate positions
Santoprene® grips and pads
Ambidextrous Finger Rest and QD Mount

Only Compatible with mil-spec carbine buffer tubes.

Does it work?

Oh Yeah, it works!

We have installed Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD stocks on two AR15 rifles, and are in the process of testing a complete Slide Fire Belt Fed Rifle (link) that wears a SSAR-15 MOD stock. Here are the two rifles and how they worked with Slide Fire stocks:

1) 2016 Custom AR-15

Specs for this rifle are in the project article here (link). The two most important things are:

With the MRE removed and any other muzzle brake we have tried the Slide Fire SSAR-15 stock works very well with standard Defender Ammunition Company 55gr FMJ ammo. However, the Witt MRE eats too much of the recoil, making bump fire a bit iffy.

Slide Fire SSAR-15 bump fire stock review

Red box shows area I would like to be thinner

Deer hunting!

I have chosen this rifle a number of times for deer hunting from a stand with shooting lanes up to about 80 yards, loaded with 70 gr Barnes TSX all copper rounds and wearing a Vortex Viper scope. Obviously, it would only be ethical to hunt with the bump stock in single shot, precision mode. Honestly, the magnification Viper is overkill at the limited distances that stand affords, but the Meprolight RDS Pro in the pictures above was moved to one of the 300 Blackout ARs. The only thing I don’t like about the SSAR-15 stock in precision mode is the shape of the little clip that replaces the finger shelf. The way the pistol grip fits in my hand the widest part of the clip sits under my thumb and the webbing of my hand. I would prefer that bit be thinned a bit so it has a flat or slightly recessed profile in stead of being slightly convex.

I’m sorry… did I lose you when I mentioned deer hunting with a Slide Fire stock?

One of the things I love about the SSAR-15 is that a simple 180 degree rotation of the bottom of the pistol grip changes it from rapid fire mode to precision (non-bump fire) mode. Obviously, when deer hunting the stock is locked in precision mode. It would be silly, unethical and maybe even illegal to shoot at deer in rapid fire mode, which degrades a bit the shooter’s ability to finely control shot placement.

2) 16″ 300 Blackout AR15


4 cases in the air… yeah, it fires fast

Parts on this budget rifle are:

While I enjoy shooting in rapid fire mode with the .223 chambered AR, there is something special about shooting the .300 Blackout with the Slide Fire stock unlocked. It feels like they were made for each other. I have shot a LOT of Defender Ammunition Company 150gr FMJ and HPBT supersonic rounds through this setup with great success. However, adding a silencer and moving to 220gr subsonic ammo completely takes this setup to the next level. There is nothing quite like blasting through hearing safe, suppressed, bump fire mag dumps to put a smile on your face.

We also did a fair amount of shooting with Gorilla Ammunition’s Troop 147gr FMJ supersonic and 220gr SMK HPBT rounds and it performed well.

Mepro Tru-Dot RDS PRO mil-spec red dot sight Review - Testing Gorilla Ammo

Testing Slide Fire with Gorilla Ammo in .300 Blk


If you want a FUN addition for your AR, then you will be hard pressed to find a more cost effective and entertaining option. Let’s be clear… a Slide Fire stock is not a toy. Like any firearm, if used irresponsibly it can be pretty dangerous. Used appropriately, it is a blast to shoot in rapid fire mode. I happen to really like the Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD stock when locked in precision mode also.

Gears Rating:

Gear Score
A heck of a lot of fun for the money, and I like the Slide Fire stock in precision mode as well.

Slide Fire Solutions Inc

Slide Fire® is headquartered in Moran, Texas, a small town outside of Abilene. Slide Fire proudly offers products that are made here in the United States and assembled by hard working Americans.


Defender Ammunition CompanyWithout the support of our ammo suppliers we would not be able to do nearly the amount of gun reviews that we d0 today.

Big thanks go to our Ammo Sponsor Defender Ammunition Company for supplying ammo for our tests and reviews on an ongoing basis. For this review we shot more than a few magazines of Defender’s .300 Blackout rounds in 150gr supersonic FMJ & HPBT and 220gr SMK subsonic HPBT.
GorillaAmmologoWe also shot a few mags of Gorilla Ammunition‘s Troop 147gr FMJ supersonic and 220gr SMK HPBT.

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