Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Lower Receiver Video Review

As part of our Big AR Trigger Upgrade Test we received 6 aftermarket fire control groups that needed to each be installed in a new lower receiver for testing. Anderson […]
Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Lower Receiver Video Review - 6 ar15 lowers

2 AM-15 Pistol Lowers, 2 AM-15 “multi-cal” lowers, 2 AM-15 .300 blackout lowers

As part of our Big AR Trigger Upgrade Test we received 6 aftermarket fire control groups that needed to each be installed in a new lower receiver for testing.

Anderson Manufacturing to the rescue!

The good folks at stepped up in a HUGE way to provide all 6 of the complete AR-15 lowers, already built and, as the note on the packing slip stated “perfect”.  I suggested that they mix things up with 2 pistol, 2 “multi-cal” and 2 in .300 blackout. Anderson Manufacturing was happy to oblige. At the end of the day, the lowers themselves are all the same, just with different markings. The rifle lowers were equipped with stocks and the pistol lowers with clean pistol buffer tubes and no stocks… ‘cuz then they wouldn’t be pistols.

Check the video below for my feedback about how the Anderson lowers performed after over 1200 rounds, mated with 6 different uppers, and with 6 different AR trigger upgrades installed.


All 4 of the rifle configured lowers feature a 6 point adjustable stock with a QD fitting, an ambidextrous single point sling latch plate, a full lower parts kit installed, and Anderson’s stainless steel fire control group. The Pistol configured lowers were identical, except that the pistol buffer tubes have no track on the bottom for a stock to align and no holes for the stock length adjuster pin. All of the lowers arrived fully assembled.

Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Lower Receiver Video Review - with hiperfire trigger

Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Lower Receiver Video Review – with hiperfire trigger and trigger scale

“Cheap” lowers suck, right? 

To be honest, many people see the relatively low retail price of the Anderson Manufacturing AR lower receivers and assume that… well… at those prices, they must be junk. After all, the “cool” brands sell their lowers for $150, $200, or more. Our testing revealed nothing of the sort. The finish on all of our testing units was uniform and free of defects. The AM-15 lowers worked great with all 6 fire control groups that we installed, and fit well on all 6 of the AR uppers that we used with each of them. The Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 lower receivers all performed flawlessly and held their own against what many would consider to be mid to high end AR lower receivers in the WMD Guns BEAST forged  NiB-X coated lower and the JP Enterprises JP-15 forged lower. Whether we are building a budget AR or a higher end hunting or competition AR, we would feel comfortable using the Anderson AM-15 lower receiver.

What’s special about the AM-15?

As a standard AR lower receiver, there isn’t a lot to talk about in the AM-15. It is not fancy or exotic. However, IT WORKS and does not break the bank. To me, what makes the Anderson AM-15 special is exactly what some people don’t like about them… the PRICE! It isn’t hard to find an AM-15 for less than $75, and often they can be had on sale for less. I have seen them for as low as $39.95. Here at Gear Report we are all about the value that any product we review delivers and we are VERY pleased with the value presented by Anderson Manufacturing with these well made AR15 lower receivers.


Gear Score
The Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 may not be exotic or flashy, but it is a hell of a value for a quality AR-15 lower receiver.

GearReport logo Round AR15The Big AR Trigger Upgrade Test

We tested 9 AR platform trigger upgrades from 5 different manufacturers to identify:

  • Which AR trigger upgrade is the best value?
  • Which AR-15 and AR-10 triggers are best suited for hunting, competitive shooting, personal defense, duty rifle?
  • Which AR trigger do we like best?

Starting with a just barely broken-in “mil-spec” trigger group as our “control”, our team of 5 testers assembled and dry fired each AR FCG on the hammer drop block to get a feel for each trigger, measured trigger pull weight with a trigger pull gauge, then shot each trigger in long range, tactical carbine, and competitive shooting situations to assess each fire control group in a real-world setting. We shot nearly 2,000 rounds down a combined 6 AR uppers so we could provide the most comprehensive trigger upgrade review possible.

Huge thanks to Ammunition Supply Company, who kicked in 2,000 rounds of bulk 55 grain ammo for this test.

You can read more about the AR15 AR10 trigger upgrade and the other triggers in the test in our full AR trigger upgrade review.

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