Adaptive Tactical Ruger 10-22 Stocks and TAC Hammer Barrels Review and Video

Adaptive Tactical Ruger 10-22 Stocks and TAC Hammer Barrels Review and Video The Adaptive Tactical Ruger 10-22 Stocks are aftermarket components manufactured to customize one of the most iconic modern rifles in […]

Adaptive Tactical Ruger 10-22 Stocks and TAC Hammer Barrels Review and Video

The Adaptive Tactical Ruger 10-22 Stocks are aftermarket components manufactured to customize one of the most iconic modern rifles in the world the Ruger 10-22. The two versions sent by adaptive tactical for this review are the TK22 10/22 Takedown and TK22C 10/22 Charger stocks designed for the Takedown 10/22 rifle and pistol. Adaptive Tactical provided both kits for us to review.

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How Adaptive Tactical describes them


  • Color Black
  • M4-style stock
  • Pistol grip
  • Adjustable length-of-pull
  • Fit standard tapered barrels and .920″ bull barrels
  • Designed for owner installation
  • Integrated sling attachment points; QD swivel attachment, molded standard sling swivel attachment
  • Durable reinforced polymer construction
  • TacTRED™ monopod compatible
  • Compatible with Ruger 10/22 Takedown factory rifle
  • Durable all season polymer construction
  • Includes custom firearm sling
  • Integrated rear single point sling attachment loop
  • Front bipod swivel mount
    Improved stabilization when shooting with the included shoulder sling. Attached to the stock’s rear loop and shoulder, aim is improved due to full extension along arm
    Adaptive tactical 10/22 stock reviews - all partsMSRP: Rifle $129.99 / Charger $99.99

First impressions

As sometimes happens with review samples, the stocks arrived well wrapped, but not in the original packaging. Our Charger stock did not have the included sling. There are 4 pieces to put together. The black stocks are the first edition of the ADTAC rifle and charger stocks. Our model does not have the mag spaces in the but stock that are in the new version, also the forends do not have the extra rail section.

Adaptive tactical 10/22 stock reviews - stocksThe texture is even and there are no molding flaws. The grooves at the forend and pistol grip are aggressive and provide for great positive traction to hold onto the rifle or pistol. A nice detail on the stock of the rifle is the heavy duty rubber recoil pad. It is the same recoil pad used for the shotgun stocks so it is overkill for the 22 but it gives excellent non slip shoulder connection.’s Chief Editor commented on this and mentioned that he wished some of his high caliber hunting rifles would have that recoil pad.


We acquired two Ruger 10-22 actions for the Adaptive Tactical reviews. One Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle and the lonely Ruger 10/22 Charger action with the needed pieces to add the barrel. You can follow along in the videos of the process. Considering that the exchange only requires a couple of Allen wrenches and a flathead screwdriver, I would give the process a 2 out of 10 on the difficulty scale.

What is different after installation?

Once the stocks were installed on the Ruger 10/22 rifle and Ruger 10/22 Charger action, I found that the rifle has a better feel against my shoulder. The length of pull can be personalized and the grooves and aggressive shape of the forend and pistol grip makes holding the rifle a more natural action. One of the things that I think of as a negative impact is that the forends of both TK22 and TK22C are pretty small. The size is perfect for the Charger but the rifle should have a couple more inches so the hand would not be right under the bipod or sling stud. That is it for the stocks.

Fortunately that is not the end of the products provided by Adaptive Tactical. They also sent us their TAC Hammer Takedown barrels to complete our Ruger 10/22 Charger receiver and to make the full conversion on the Ruger 10/22 rifle. See the video above for the barrel conversions.



Adaptive Tactical TAC Hammer barrel post-tension diagramTAC Hammer Barrels

The barrels feature a newer technological approach to Bull barrels for the Ruger 10/22. Each is a post tension barrel where there is an aluminum sleeve that covers the thinner barrel inside. The scope rail is attached to each barrel so it will always stay in line even if there is play against the receiver. Both barrels are threaded and include removable compensators.

Here are the specs and features

Rifle 10/22

  • Barrel: P4140 Chromoly steel with heat and rust resistant coating
  • Shroud: 6061 aluminum with durable Cerakote coating
  • Top Rail/Compensator: 6061 aluminum with color matched Cerakote
  • Twist: 1/16 Twist
  • Threaded Barrel End*: ½ x 28 – Fits common compensators or suppressors
  • Barrel OD: .920″
  • RIFLE Barrel Length:
    • Without compensator – 16″
    • With compensator – 17.25″
    • Exposed Barrel w/comp – 15.9375″
  • Made in USA


  • Barrel Length:
  • Without compensator – 9″
  • With compensator – 10.125″
  • Exposed Barrel w/comp – 8.875
  • Both have the Bentz Chamber
  • Made in USA

Msrp $329.99/ $299.99


The assembly is also very straightforward, with the need for minimal tools. Other than the removal of the smooth takedown pin, the process difficulty level is at most a 3 out of 10.

The fit and finish of the stocks and the barrels are great. The molding of the forends have a really tight fit for the bull barrel profile. If you use the standard barrels the fit is good, but not as tight. The TAC Hammer barrels we were sent are cerakoted and the colors are even and do not have blemishes. Our colors are the black/black but there are other color combinations to choose from including pink/black.

These TAC Hammer barrels are sold as an upgrade for the takedown 10/22. So, naturally, we are going to test their accuracy at the range.  One of the complaints heard about the 10/22s in takedown version is that the barrel and optic are not rigidly connected. If the tensioning ring between the barrel and the action is not tightened, there will be enough play, that will misalign the scope from the barrel and inversely affect the performance and accuracy. These TAC Hammer barrels have the scope rails attached so that the optic to barrel relationship does not change when the takedown 10/22 is broken down and reassembled. I am interested to see how much better the accuracy is on this TAC Hammer barrels in comparison to the Ruger 10/22 takedown Lite model reviewed recently.

See the results.

Finally! Range day for the TAC Hammer barrels

I shot them a few times to break in the barrels without measuring groups or results. Sighting in was really straight forward. Having the picatinny rails attached to the barrels, I had no problem doing a preliminary zeroing inside the house (which isn’t possible on a standard 10/22 takedown). I clamped the forends and peeped through the barrel, then looked through the scope and lined them up to a couple of marks in a paper placed at the wall 30ft away… and done. At the range I took about 3 shots to get me within the target at 40 yards and the testing was a go.

TAC Hammer 16inch barrel results

  • Remington Thunderbolt 1 ¼ square inches
  • Federal AutoMatch ¾ square inch
  • Winchester Super X ⅞ square inch
  • CCI subsonic ⅝ square inch
  • CCI Velocitor ⅞ square inch
  • Eley Club ¼ square inch

The charger 9 inch barrel results

  • Remington Thunderbolt 1 ½ square inches
  • Federal AutoMatch ½ square inch
  • Winchester Super X 1 ¼ square inches
  • CCI subsonic ⅝ square inch
  • CCI Velocitor 1 ½ square inches
  • Eley Club ¼ square inch

Can this be right?

These tests were a bit disconcerting. Not that they aren’t good, the results are in line or comparable to the takedown stainless and takedown Lite 10/22. So, why did I struggle? I have tested several other rifles in the past months that their accuracy was: (centerfire<¾” at 200 yards and the Clark 1022 review) so looking at the targets this time kept on making me question if I was adjusting and not holding steady. Even when I utilize the Hyskore Dual Damper shooting rest, I was so unsure that I increased my testing to one of our new better types of ammo the Eley Club, just to verify that my shortcomings in accuracy were not skewing the results. I am happy to say that testing with the Eley ammo ammo confirm 2 major things:

  1. I was not influencing the results with poor shooting technique
  2. these barrels do great in the accuracy department.


This affirmation does come with what I have discussed in past reviews about quality ammo and it’s intended use. There is ammo that is suitable for plinking, practice, and then there’s ammo worth the investment for competition or hunting. I always strive to provide documentation like the accuracy test results so we can verify how the 22lr firearms perform. In the case for the TAC Hammer barrels, the ¼ square inch groupings do convince me.  That is it for the accuracy test for the TAC Hammer barrels.

Final thoughts…

Our testing and use of the Adaptive Tactical stocks and barrels has gone on for several months. I am very pleased with how the firearms have performed, from the ease of conversion on the stocks and barrels to the Copper Basin backpack (link) supplied to replace the Ruger bag. I was surprised to see that the Copper Basin backpack fit both the 10/22 rifle with scope,  and the Charger with scope as well. Even with both firearms in the bag there is plenty of storage for magazines and extra ammo.

The accuracy of the barrels are as always influenced by the ammo used, but they proved to be as accurate as the other regular 10/22 rifles tested. If anyone is having problems with the accuracy out of their takedown models, upgrading to the Adaptive Tactical TAC Hammer barrels which combine the barrel and scope rail will help you gain the confidence that your scope and barrels remain properly aligned after breaking down and reassembly.. As a reminder, you do need to make sure the tensioning ring is tightened, if you shoot with loose equipment there is no telling where your bullet will go.

I do recommend the purchase of Adaptive Tactical stocks and TAC Hammer barrels.

Gears Rating:

Gear Score
Great combination to make your 10/22 more accurate and ergonomic.

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