Adaptive Tactical Copper Basin Takedown Rifle Backpack Review

Adaptive Tactical Copper Basin Takedown Rifle Backpack Review Adaptive Tactical has several products that have gained our attention in our visits to the shooting and outdoor conventions. several of their products […]

Adaptive Tactical Copper Basin Takedown Rifle Backpack Review

Adaptive Tactical has several products that have gained our attention in our visits to the shooting and outdoor conventions. several of their products are related to our 22lr Project. They have been one of the first companies to oblige our invitation to participate in this review series. The products that were provided for our review are:

  • Copper Basin backpack.
  • Stocks to customize both of the Takedown 10/22 rifle and Charger.
  • TAC Hammer barrels for the takedown 10/22 rifle and Charger.

Read about the barrels and stocks here–>Adaptive Tactical Stocks and TAC Hammer Barrels Review

The Copper Basin backpack:

Outdoor camping style that is visually inconspicuous to the customary tactical approach to a rifle bag. The space and multiple storage pouches will accept a fully accessorized  takedown 10/22 rifle. This is the type of bag that allows you to have the scope, light, and laser set on the action and fit it in the bag. The bag not only has compartments for the rifle, but it has pouches for extra ammo and even 4 25 rnd magazines. If you want to stretch the boundaries of carrying your gear in one bag you can fit not only the rifle but the charger in the bag as well. In order to fit both takedown rifle and pistol, you will have to sister the rifle parts is the same compartment and do the same for the Charger. This grouping will be tighter fit but is not difficult to accomplish. This approach would make for the halves to maybe rub or scratch each other, so it would be less advisable, but doable. In terms of scratching, that is one thing that will not be happening if you follow the allocated spaces for the parts, the backpack has a great softer inner liner on the bags that will keep your firearm protected. I doubt that you will ever have surface or finish damage on your stock or scope when kept in it.

This bag is of a slim profile with areas for a water bladder and exterior compartments for small personal items or supplies. Once the rifle is in the Copper Basin backpack there is just enough space for 1 or 2 changes of clothes. If you are planning on a weekend hike and believe in the need for being better prepared, this backpack will fulfill your needs.

Even more, the backpack is a better disguise than a tactical bag. Having a firearm bag or open carry tends to annoy people and could expose you to unwanted attention. The Copper Basin backpack will keep people away from having the thought of a possible firearm.

Here are the detailed dimensions:

Inner pockets
Rear stock: 18″L x 9.5″W x 2″D
Forend/barrel: 18″L x 5″W x 2.5″D
Accessory (x2): 9″L x 3.5″W x 1.5″D
Pack dimensions: 23″x 13″x 5″
Total weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)
Material: Durable 420D Nylon

Msrp: $99.00

For our purposes this review relates to the 10/22, however the backpack will accommodate a hefty list of other types and classes of firearms.

We have been using the Copper Basin backpack for the past couple of months and have been pleased and satisfied with its performance.  The only drawback that we consider is the harness, it is not heavily padded, however, its flexibility, straps width, and adjustments available make for a comfortable fit. The backpack has an adjustable lumbar pad and chest strap that will allow for a more tailored fit. The slimline and compact profile reduces the burden of a heavy swing when walking at a brisk pace or light jog. Think of it as a weight that you hold at arms length, compared to the same payload if you are hugging it against your chest. The same weight has a different feel which relates to an easier balance for your body and be less effort to support for a longer period of time.

The backpack is made from synthetic materials that are water resistant and or waterproof, so this will protect your weapon from the elements and keep them safe. I will recommend making sure that the firearm is not wet, if you are caught by the deluge or torrential rain, since some of the zippers can and have proven to be part of the weak link in the water protection department (on all garments or backpacks). The Copper Basin backpack does have the interior flaps and dividers that will help as a second protection to the rifle, but it will be important to ensure that the metal components hosted are dry.

Final thoughts

This is a great purchase. It fulfilled all of the points claimed by the maker, and it has the added benefit of being discreet in plain sight. I could not be happier about having the opportunity to review this Copper Basin backpack. I definitely recommend it. I should mention that while I was finishing this review, I have seen prices for the Copper Basin backpack in the low 70s, but as always this depends on the seller.

here is a link if you would like to purchase(Copper Basin backpack in Amazon Link)

Gears Rating:

Gear Score
when deciding on a capable and discrete carry bag for a takedown or smaller firearm, consider our rating, we recommend it!.

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