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Use SEO & engagement to attract affluent consumers, then drive measurable direct sales & brand recognition via honest, hands-on, higher quality reviews.

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The Gear Report Team creates valuable, hands-on reviews of outdoor gear that we have actually used.

Our honest reviews tell you what is worth spending your hard earned money on, and what is ego food for the lemmings that care more about status than substance.

As affiliates of a wide range of manufacturers, distributors and merchants, we often are given exclusive sales and coupons, which we post in the Deals & Coupons section. Stick around. It will be worth your while.

How to work with Gear Report

If you would like your brand featured in a Gear-Report.com review, please email the editor via jeff@gear-report.com

The Gear Report Team (click each name for more details):

muzzle loader deer rifle CVA - with 8 point buck Jeff NSSF member 2017

Chief Gear Head

Gear Report Publisher & Editor

CSAM LLC President

Jeff is a Media Member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation


2016: SHOT Show, Gear-Report.com Range Day, NRA Show, IV8888 Range Day

2017: SHOT Show

JJ likes lever guns... A LOT! Josejuan Senior Gear Review Specialist


2016: Gear-Report.com Range Day, NRA Show, IV8888 Range Day

2017: SHOT Show

Phil - Gear Review Specialist - shooting Canik TP9SA Phil Gear Review Specialist
Bob as Range officer for AR15 AR10 trigger upgrade review Bob Gear Report Special Contributor
Joe Gear Report Special Contributor
Tom shooting Faxon rifle at IV8888 range day Tom With an incredibly heavy heart I share that Mu He (his American friends called him “Tom”) passed away July 2017 from an unexpected medical issue. The Gear Report Team is floored and diminished by his absence.

Gear Review Specialist


2016: IV8888 Range Day

2017: SHOT Show

Dom at IV8888 range day Dom Gear Review Specialist


2016: IV8888 Range Day

2017: SHOT Show

TJ in Gear-Report.com shirt TJ Gear Report Special Contributor


2017: SHOT Show

Gear Review Specialist - Jason McMasters b Jason Gear Review Specialist

Co-Owner: AP Arms – Greensboro, NC

Chris camping with boy scouts Chris Gear Report Special Contributor

Owner, Three Pillars Tactical, LLC


2016: NRA Show 2016

36475_1498566706035_273358_n Brian Gear Report Special Contributor

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About the Author

Jeff is the Editor in Chief of Gear Report and a National Shooting Sports Foundation Media member. He reports on the outdoor industry, reviews gear for camping, hiking, shooting, hunting, paddling, backpacking and other active pursuits. A USAF veteran, Jeff earned a MBA in Marketing and Health Services. He specializes in consultative selling and internet marketing. As the VP of BD & Marketing, Jeff provides sales and marketing leadership to MGECOM, Inc. and helps http://MGECOM.com acquire new clients in need of solutions for online merchants in need of Affiliate Marketing program management. Jeff founded and manages Cress Sales & Marketing LLC, offering online sales and marketing consulting and services to online merchants and service providers.