2017 Deer Hunter Gift Guide

2017 Deer Hunter Gift Guide Here is the 2017 deer hunter gift guide. We will update this hunter gift idea list throughout the year. We have compiled a list of […]

2017 Deer Hunter Gift Guide

Here is the 2017 deer hunter gift guide. We will update this hunter gift idea list throughout the year. We have compiled a list of items that most every deer hunter can use, to make it easy for you to buy gifts that they will love. Great budget gifts for the hunter.

*Updated: December 2017

Deer Hunter Gifts for $20 or Less:

Image Gift item Recommended by Comments
USB battery pack - phone charger Anker 20100mAh Portable Charger Jeff If your hunter is like me, then the smartphone is a key part of their hunting gear, with apps for ballistics, wind, recording deer activity, checking distances, etc. Keep the phone alive with enough juice for a weekend hunting trip.
zippo hand warmer Reusable hand warmer

Jeff My dad grew up on a farm in Ohio and used catalytic hand warmers a LOT growing up. I’ve used them for decades and love them. Follow the directions and they will last for many, many years.


Jeff Reduce fatigue & movement. Keep gear at hand in stand. Leave the base screwed into the tree, only take the arm with you.


Jeff Help your favorite deer hunter stay hidden. Deer’s eyes detect motion MUCH better than human’s eyes. I can be overly “fidgety” at times and really rely on a good blind to mask my movement so I can stay hidden from deer. A blind can also help contain scent… one of the other ways deer figure out that hunters are near by.

Stick & Splatter Shooting Targets
Jeff Two big advantages over other targets:

  1. They are stickers, so you just peel the backing and stick it to your target backing
  2. Bullet holes reveal a bright, contrasting color below, making shots easy to spot.

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Autumn Formula spray

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Autumn Formula spray
Jeff I have been using this for 2 seasons with great success. I like to spray my gear AFTER a hunt so that the scent killer can soak in and dry BEFORE the next hunt. It can be sprayed on at the last second in the field as well.


Jeff Simple, durable, one-hand use. Proven. Oh… and cheap. Makes a great stocking stuffer.
Sawyer Mini water filter
Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Jeff With several uses, a small, very affordable water filter is a no-brainer for anybody, whether they hunt or not! Actually, we recommend having several. Great for use on backwoods hunting trips, or in an emergency to make water safe to drink.

  • one for hunting or backpacking
  • one in the home emergency kit
  • one in each vehicle’s emergency kit
arachniGRIP Slide Spider review American Flag
ArachniGRIP Slide Spider

Jeff Quick, easy, inexpensive way to get a better grip on the slide of most popular semi-auto pistols.
Check out our review HERE, where we say “…it seems like a no-brainer to order a set and install them.”

Deer Hunter Gifts $21 – $50:

Image Gift item Recommended by Comments
 AR500 steel shooting target gong AR500 Steel Gong shooting target  Jeff Our “Go To” target for shooting pretty much ANY sort of firearm, we were surprised at how much fun it is to get the instant feedback when you hit the target… especially at extended distances. For an even better 1-2 punch, start with EZ2C Shooting Targets to sight the gun, then use the AR500 Steel Gong for practice.
The best deal we have found is at ShootingTargets7.com, where you can get a whopping 1/2″ thick 10″ diameter gong for less than $50!
 modern spartan systems Gun Cleaning Starter Kit Modern Spartan Systems Gun Cleaning Starter Kit Jeff Our favorite kit for cleaning and improving the accuracy of your firearms. Not your daddy’s gun oil. Space age cleaners and advanced lubricants developed by chemists for superior performance.

  • Spartan Accuracy Oil – 2 fl oz bottle
  • Carbon Destroyer – 2 fl oz bottle
  • Copper/Lead Destroyer – 2 fl oz bottle
  • Crystal Clear – 2 fl oz bottle
  • Bonus: Spartan Accuracy Grease – 1/4oz tub (*my favorite part of the kit)
 3VGear hydration bladder 3V Gear Hydration Bladder
Jeff Humans can survive a month or more without food, but only a few days without water. I don’t head into the woods to hunt without my hydration bladder riding in my hunting vest (see the our review HERE). Look for a review on the 3V Gear hydration bladder soon. It is in our review queue and working well in initial testing.
best hunting ammo best hunting ammunition
Hunting ammunition
Jeff Depending on what cartridge your hunter shoots, you may get away with less than $21 for this gift. However, I have never heard a hunter say “I’ve got too much ammo!” So go ahead and buy a few boxes, knowing you are making your recipient very happy.

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold for Her Ultimate Value Pack

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold for Her Ultimate Value Pack
Jeff Sure, women probably smell better than men to begin with, but to the game we are hunting, any scent gives away the hunter’s presence. This comprehensive kit makes a great gift for the female hunter in your life.
 HolsterPartner.com Packin' partner
Holster Partner Packin’ Partner
Jeff Is the main reason your hunter doesn’t carry concealed because it’s too uncomfortable? Holster Partner’s new product “Packin’ Partner” has been designed to eliminate the discomfort caused by pinch points from the weapon. It attaches easily and works with most holsters for carrying concealed.
EZ2C shooting targets coupon
E Z2C Shooting Targets
Jeff Bulk target packs with 5 different styles of targets are great gifts. These are what we shoot in our Gear-Report.com gun and ammo reviews, and we love them. Use the code “Gear-Report10” for 10% off on your order.
 baofeng UV-82 two-way radio
Baofeng UV-82 Two-Way Radio
Jeff Whether things go right or things go wrong, you will want to tell someone about it. A HAM radio is a time proven way to communicate over long distances, even if you are out of range of cell phone towers. Strap one to your hunting vest, stash one in your car, another in your Bug Out Bag. These little radios are inexpensive and may save your life some day. Don’t forget the :
PC programming cable
2 way handheld speaker (mic)

Deer Hunter Gifts $51 – $100:

Image Gift item Recommended by Comments
Flambeau battery powered heated vest

Flambeau Men’s Heated Vest

Jeff I LOVE it! This thing is FANTASTIC. I sat in the deer stand while it was sleeting/snowing recently. I left the Flambeau heated vest turned off off until I was settled in the stand and starting to cool off. Then I turned it on low and the next hour was like getting a warm hug… and then it was dark and I had to go home. I HATE being cold and this vest made me happy to be in the stand in the snow.
AR500 Armor Tactical Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK) (IFAK) AR500 Armor Tactical Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK) (IFAK) Jeff When your hunter goes into the woods everyone hopes that nothing goes wrong and that they get home safe.
But sometimes bad things happen.
Show the hunter on your gift list that you truly care and give them one of the best equipped First Aid kits I have found in a compact, purpose built molle compatible pouch. Any first aid kit is better than nothing, but most are made to treat common bumps and bruises, not the traumatic injuries that happen in hunting accidents. The EPIK includes the necessary tools to treat life threatening bleeding wounds (gunshots, knife/stab wounds, or other serious bleeding injuries including arterial bleeding).
Outdoor Edge SZP-1 SwingBlaze-Pak Rotating 2-Blade Knife/Saw Combo Swingblaze-Pak (Orange) – Box

Brian Quite possibly the best big game field dressing kit ever created, the SwingBlaze Pak combines Outdoor Edge’s innovative SwingBlaze knife with their T-handle diamond cut saw. The SwingBlaze knife features a rotating blade with a drop point skinner on one end, and a unique gutting blade on the other end. The rounded end on the gutting blade and the curved shape of the blade virtually ensure that you will not puncture an animal’s internal organs when field dressing it. Not only that, but it opens up the body cavity of a big game animal so easily that it turns the oft dreaded task of field dressing your animal a relatively quick and easy task. Once you have your animal opened up, you can use the saw to easily cut through the ribcage and pelvis so that you are able to complete the field dressing process. The saw can also be used to cut branches off of trees that are hindering your climbing stand or to create shooting lanes. Both items are stored in a handy leather sheath that can be easily stowed in your pack so you have them with you at all times during the hunt, ensuring that you can field dress your animal as quickly as possible to yield the best tasting meat! Our own Brian uses these tools extensively for all of his field dressing and says, “I never go hunting without these tools in my pack! I have field dressed several deer with my SwingBlaze knife, and it has just now gotten to the point where I need to consider sharpening it. Plus, the T-handle saw is one of the most user-friendly saws I have ever used for field dressing big game.”
outdoor edge swingblaze Orange hunting knife Outdoor Edge SZ-20NC Swingblaze

Brian A slightly more budget friendly option to get the SwingBlaze knife mentioned above.
Under Armour Men’s Blaze Antler Logo Vest

Jeff No more buying a cheap vest every year and hoping it survives the first hunt. This bright, durable hunting vest has accessory pouches and is built to last, year after year.
The HSS-LIFELINE 3-Pack Hunter Safety System Reflective LIFELINE System

Hunter Safety System Reflective LIFELINE System (3 Pack)

Jeff Make sure your Hunter gets home SAFE! Avoid tricky moments when trying to connect to the safety rope while climbing by staying connected to the safety rope at ALL TIMES.

outdoor Edge Game Processing Kit
Outdoor Edge Game Processor Kit

Brian Highly recommended! The “go to” kit for Gear Report’s resident Deer Slayer, Brian. Complete budget kit of high quality game processing tools. This kit includes everything you need to process your own deer at home (with the exception of a grinder to make burger) which not only saves you a lot of money but also gives you the satisfaction of taking your game from the field to the dinner table.  The extremely sharp knives and other tools come in a handy molded plastic carrying case, making this kit very portable.  The gut hook skinning knife makes skinning your animal a relatively quick and easy task, and the boning/filet knife allows to you quarter the deer and bone out the meat right there in the field (a big help if you are wanting to get the meat on ice as quickly as possible!)  As an added bonus, the kits contains a small cutting board, so when you are in hunting camp and yearning for a juicy steak from the deer you just shot, you can cut some to your desired thickness with the butcher knife, and you and hunting buddies can enjoy a gourmet meal!  Brian says, “I love this kit and have used it to process many of my own deer! I pack it with me on every hunting I take so I am not only ready to quarter any animals I get and get them in the cooler but also cut some nice, fresh back strap steaks and cook them in the cabin or over a camp fire.”

Deer Hunter Gifts for $100 or more:

Image Gift item Recommended by Comments
Thompson Center Compass rifle Jeff An obscenely great value for an accurate hunting rifle that can often be found for less than $300 after rebate… BRAND NEW! Gear Report’s Gear of the Year Award winner for 2016.
WMDguns Big Beast .308 AR10 stills side with spent cases WMD Guns WMD-10 AR10 .308 Rifle


Jeff Honestly, you have to REALLY like/love your hunter to make this kind of investment in a gift. But Oh My! What a gift it is! See our review of the this fully NiB-X coated hunting rifle here.
Configured specifically for hunting any medium to large game in North America, this semi-auto Big Beast of a rifle is the softest shooting .308 Win rifle I have ever shot. It is a smooth operator that is fully coated to protect from the elements and operate reliably in the harshest of conditions.
How to Zero the ATN X-Sight Digital Smart Rifle Scope - Brian adjusting zero ATN X-Sight 2

Jeff Easily the coolest product on the list. The X-Sight 2 is a digital day/night scope that records 1080p video, pictures, displays on a smart phone or tablet, tags with GPS, and has a One Shot Zero function to make sighting it in a breeze. AND it is CHEAP!
shooter gift guide - Vortex Optics Razor HD II Vortex Optics Razor HD II Jeff My favorite scope for shooting 100 yards or more. Not cheap, but a great scope with reliable adjustments, clear glass, great durability and a lifetime warranty.
Gemtech Tracker Silencer SHOT Show 2016 Silencer Jeff Once your hearing is gone, you can’t get it back. A gun muffler / silencer / suppressor is the “common sense” way to protect your hearing and those around you when you shoot. Check out our silencer reviews here. You can legally purchase silencers online and have them shipped to your local SOT FFL, who will help you with the ATF Form 4 transfer process. Here are some links to trusted retailers who sell suppressors.

2015 Deer Hunter Gift Guide - Remington700 7mm-08
Remington 700 Rifle
Jeff There are a LOT of good choices for deer rifles. If your favorite hunter likes bolt action rifles (and seriously… who doesn’t?), then you can’t go wrong with the modern classic Remington 700. Available in:

  • 243 Win. -for hunters that want a low recoil deer rifle. Often chosen for kids, women, older hunters.
  • 7mm-08 Remington – classic .308 necked down to 7mm bullet.
  • 270 Win. – flat shooting, low recoil rifle for deer hunting.
  • 30-06 Sprg. – more kick, but a true American legend in deer hunting.
  • 7mm Remington Mag. – great ballistics make this a great mid to long distance deer hunting rifle.
  • 300 Win. Mag. – proven big game round that will take down anything in North America.
rossi rio grande SS
Rossi Rio Grande 30/30 with Free Shipping
Jeff At Gear Report we have a genuine, documented nightmare for deer, in the form of Brian. Mr B’s secret weapon?
Yeah. He is rather smitten with lever action rifles, especially for hunting deer and elk.
While we don’t have space here for Brian to list the pros & cons of the various different brands, calibers and cartridges available in lever guns, we can share that one of his all time favorites is the Marlin 336 series of rifles.
If you want to make a special hunter on your list incredibly happy, you can’t go wrong with a lever action rifle in the classic 30/30 winchester. While Brian has a “thing” for Marlins, Jeff has been rather pleased with Rossi’s version of the 336, the
Rossi Rio Grande (with free shipping via this link)

It is generally about $100 cheaper than a comparable Marlin, and is darned near identical.
CVA Optima Accura
Muzzle Loading Rifle
Jeff Make deer season LONGER! In most states in the USA, deer hunting season is of a fixed duration each year. Once it is over, you are out of luck until next year. Many people don’t know that you can add a few precious weeks of hunting by giving your favorite hunter a muzzle loading rifle. Most states have 1-4 weeks every year where hunters can only use black powder, muzzle loading rifles. Today’s muzzle loaders are light, reliable, easy to clean, can be unloaded without firing and are deadly accurate. Many hunters still have the mental image of old muzzle loaders or “black powder rifles”, which were often big, heavy, hard to clean and unreliable. You can buy an old flint lock or side lock muzzle loader which can be a bear to deal with, but we recommend you look for a modern “inline” muzzle loader that is about as easy to hunt with as a cartridge fed rifle. We also like stainless steel as it resist corrosive powder a bit better than blued steel, and getting a kit that includes a case and boresighted scope that is matched to the gun’s ballistics. Something like the
CVA Optima Accura Muzzle loader
. If you don’t know what kind of black powder rifle to get for the hunter on your list I recommend you call Bret at BlueRidgeFirearms.com. He will help you sort through the options and get the right rifle at the best price.
Then again, the Gear Report crew really enjoys hunting when the woods are MUCH less crowded, during muzzle loader season. So, maybe you shouldn’t get a muzzle loader for your hunter. You know, to leave more deer for us. 🙂
Nikon RifleHunter 1000 Laser Rangefinder
Nikon RifleHunter 1000 Laser Rangefinder
Jeff Critical tool for accurate shots. Waterproof, trusted brand, 1,000 yard range

Advanced Treestand Technologies Smackdown Treestand

fully camouflaged Advanced Treestand Technologies Smackdown Treestand
Jeff Light, portable, camoflaged, with a large, stable platform and ample seat padding. What’s not to love?
Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40 riflescope
Nikon ProStaff 3-9×40 riflescope
Jeff Your hunter spends lots of time, money, and energy getting into position for a shot while hunting. It is all wasted if they miss the shot because they are using a cheap walmart scope, or don’t have a scope at all. This budget Nikon scope won’t compete with $6,000 sniper scopes, but is light years ahead of the bargain basement scopes most hunters use. Get your hunter a quality scope and watch them succeed.
primos The TRUTH® Cam Ultra 35 trail camera
The TRUTH® Cam Ultra 35 trail camera
Jeff A trail camera is one of the most useful tools a hunter has to figure out when and where the deer are active. Primos is a respected brand, and the “Truth” line are known to be durable, reliable, and with long battery life

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Where to buy Silencers?

Piston ARs go great with cans! You can legally purchase silencers online and have them shipped to your local SOT FFL, who will help you with the ATF Form 4 transfer process. Here are some links to trusted retailers who sell suppressors.

Quarter Horse Arms - machine gun from HMMWV

Jeff shooting the Quarter Horse Arms AR15 Full Auto from the Project Humvee Battlewagon

The Project Humvee Battlewagon

Gear Report acquired a real HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) from the US Army for use as our official field and shooting range vehicle. We have already posted about some of our upgrade projects (Project Humvee Battlewagon article links) and have a lot of really cool projects on the way. Consider subscribing so you don’t miss any of the cool reviews as we post them.

Here is our Project Intro (link) and our list of HMMWV upgrade projects.

The Deuce Utility Vehicle (D.U.V.) Project M35A2

The D.U.V. project started with a fairly standard 1968 M35a2 two and a half ton 6×6 cargo truck. Commonly known as the “Deuce-and-a-half” or “The Deuce.” We aren’t yet sure where it will stop.

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