2015 Gun Owner Gift Guide

We have compiled a list of items that most every new gun owner (and many that have had guns for years) can use, to make it easy for you to […]

We have compiled a list of items that most every new gun owner (and many that have had guns for years) can use, to make it easy for you to buy gifts that they will love. We have even grouped them by budget.

Gun Owner Gifts for $20 or Less:

Image Gift item Recommended by Comments
EZ2C shooting targets coupon
EZ2C Shooting Targets
Jeff I like Style 13 for sighting my hunting rifles. Pick from any of 24 different styles. Bright targets are easier to see, and shooting game targets like Poker and BattleShip are fun. Use the code “Gear-Report10” for 10% off on your order.
arachniGRIP Slide Spider review American Flag
ArachniGRIP Slide Spider
Jeff Quick, easy, inexpensive way to get a better grip on the slide of most popular semi-auto pistols.
Check out our review HERE, where we say “…it seems like a no-brainer to order a set and install them.”
Gun Owner Gift Guide - burst target
Jeff Targets are great for recreational shooting, sighting in scopes, practicing, and competition. Consider getting your gun owner a variety of targets to give them lots of options and keep their shooting interesting. I think Burst targets and reactive targets can be a lot of fun.
Gun Owner Gift Guide - Paladin Press Books

Books about guns, shooting, etc

Jeff The gift of knowledge… which might save the life of the recipient.


Gun Owner Gifts $21 – $50:

Image Gift item Recommended by Comments
 AR500 steel shooting target gong AR500 Steel Gong shooting target  Jeff Our “Go To” target for shooting pretty much ANY sort of firearm, we were surprised at how much fun it is to get the instant feedback when you hit the target… especially at extended distances. For an even better 1-2 punch, start with EZ2C Shooting Targets to sight the gun, then use the AR500 Steel Gong for practice.
The best deal we have found is at ShootingTargets7.com, where you can get a whopping 1/2″ thick 10″ diameter gong for less than $50!
 modern spartan systems Gun Cleaning Starter Kit Modern Spartan Systems Gun Cleaning Starter Kit Jeff Our favorite kit for cleaning and improving the accuracy of your firearms. Not your daddy’s gun oil. Space age cleaners and advanced lubricants developed by chemists for superior performance.

  • Spartan Accuracy Oil – 2 fl oz bottle
  • Carbon Destroyer – 2 fl oz bottle
  • Copper/Lead Destroyer – 2 fl oz bottle
  • Crystal Clear – 2 fl oz bottle
  • Bonus: Spartan Accuracy Grease – 1/4oz tub (*my favorite part of the kit)
3VGear Posse EDC Bag 3V Gear Posse EDC Sling Pack Jeff A mid sized shoulder bag with 2 hidden compartments for concealed carry of a pistol. Makes a great Go Bag for essentials like a First Aid Kit, EDC pistol, ammo, food, hydration bladder, etc. With MOLLE webbing accessories can be easily added as well. Look for a review of the 3V Gear Posse EDC Sling Pack soon, as we have one in the review queue and really like it so far.
Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff Jeff Keep your gun owner safe at the range by protecting their hearing AND making sure they hear range commands and other shooters verbal. While the social aspect of being able to talk in a normal voice at the range is a great benefit, the safety improvement of being able to clearly hear what is going on around you can’t be understated. Great for hunting as well!
Or get a 2 pack at an even more discounted price:
2PACK – Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff Ear Protection
 baofeng UV-82 two-way radio
Baofeng UV-82 Two-Way Radio
Jeff Whether things go right or things go wrong, you will want to tell someone about it. A HAM radio is a time proven way to communicate over long distances, even if you are out of range of cell phone towers. Strap one to your hunting vest, stash one in your car, another in your Bug Out Bag. These little radios are inexpensive and may save your life some day. Don’t forget the :
PC programming cable
2 way handheld speaker (mic)
 HolsterPartner.com Packin' partner
Holster Partner Packin’ Partner
Jeff Is the main reason the gun owner on your list doesn’t carry concealed because it’s too uncomfortable? Holster Partner’s new product “Packin’ Partner” has been designed to eliminate the discomfort caused by pinch points from the weapon. It attaches easily and works with most holsters for carrying concealed.
EZ2C shooting targets coupon
E Z2C Shooting Targets
Jeff Bulk target packs with 5 different styles of targets are great gifts. These are what we shoot in our Gear-Report.com gun and ammo reviews, and we love them. Use the code “Gear-Report10” for 10% off on your order.
Gun Owner Gift Guide - ammunition
Jeff Ammunition is the one thing that a gun owner can never have enough of… unless he is treading water or on fire. To buy the right ammo to give the gun owner in your life you need to know what type of ammo they can use. You can buy “plinking” ammo for casual recreational shooting, Personal Defense ammo, hunting ammo, etc. Prices vary a lot by brand, caliber, quantity, and intended use.
Gun Owner Gift Guide - FFL123
Guide that guarantees FFL
Jeff This isn’t your average gift, but it may be worth consideration. Would the gun owner on your list like to save money buying guns and ammunition at wholesale prices? Would they like to start a business as a licensed firearms dealer? If so, then obtaining a Federal Firearms License is the first step. With these guides it is not as hard or time consuming as you think.
Gun Owner Gift Guide - MAGPUL-PMAG-30-AR-M4-Window-Gen-M3-556x45-Magazine-Black-MAG556-BLK Magazines Jeff If the gun owner in your life has any guns that utilize magazines to hold ammunition, then chances are they will be thrilled to receive more magazines. You will need to know the make and model of the firearm, and possibly the year of manufacturer to be sure that you order the correct magazine. Some guns, like the AR-15, use a standard magazine regardless of manufacture. I like to have at least 4 magazines for any firearm I own. However, depending on how the gun is used, I sometimes like to have as many as 10 spare magazines. To be safe, you can purchase additional magazines made by the gun maker. Although some aftermarket magazines work well and can be found at a a steep discount to factory magazines.


Gun Owner Gifts $51 – $100:

Image Gift item Recommended by Comments
AR500 Armor Tactical Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK) (IFAK) AR500 Armor Tactical Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK) (IFAK) Jeff When your goes to the range everyone hopes that nothing goes wrong and that they get home safe.
But sometimes bad things happen.
Show the gun owner on your gift list that you truly care and give them one of the best equipped First Aid kits I have found in a compact, purpose built molle compatible pouch. Any first aid kit is better than nothing, but most are made to treat common bumps and bruises, not the traumatic injuries that happen in hunting accidents. The EPIK includes the necessary tools to treat life threatening bleeding wounds (gunshots, knife/stab wounds, or other serious bleeding injuries including arterial bleeding).
Gun Owner Gift Guide - GunCasket Small Gun safe Jeff Safe gun storage in the home or a vehicle. Only someone with the personalized code can access the weapon. Great for keeping your gun locked under a bed, in a closet or nightstand and have access to it in seconds—but know that it will stay safely out of the hands of curious children.
Gun Owner Gift Guide - holster
Jeff For every handgun a person owns, they may want 4 or 5 different holsters, each for a specific use. For example, for a pocket pistol one might want an appendix holster for deep concealment, a pocket holster, an inside the waistband holster (IWB), an outide the waistband holster (OWB), and an ankle holster. For a full sized sidearm one might also want to add a chest holster for wear on a tactical chest rig, or a drop-leg holster. To buy the correct holster for your gift recipient you will need to know the make and model of the handgun.
While this is listed in the $51 – $100 range, many holsters can be found for much less, and some for much more.

Gun Owner Gifts for $100 or more:

Image Gift item Recommended by Comments
 HOLOSUN HS403C Solar Power Micro Red Dot Sight HOLOSUN HS403C Solar Power Micro Red Dot Sight, Black Jeff Never worry about having dead batteries in our red dot optic. This solar powered red dot is proven, durable, and inexpensive vs other proven optics.
WMDguns Big Beast .308 AR10 stills side with spent cases WMD Guns WMD-10 AR10 .308 Rifle


Jeff Honestly, you have to REALLY like/love your gift recipient to make this kind of investment in a gift. But Oh My! What a gift it is! See our review of the this fully NiB-X coated hunting rifle here.
Configured specifically for hunting any medium to large game in North America, this semi-auto Big Beast of a rifle is the softest shooting .308 Win rifle I have ever shot. It is a smooth operator that is fully coated to protect from the elements and operate reliably in the harshest of conditions. They also have non-hunting versions.
28-SCCY_CPX2 (26) SCCY CPX 9mm pistol


Jeff Less than $300 for a reliable concealed carry pistol?
Who doesn’t like a reliable, affordable, compact concealed carry pistol with better than average capacity at a BARGAIN price?
We prefer the SCCY CPX-2 with no manual safety, but the SCCY CPX-1 with a manual safety is an option if your gun owner prefers.
See our review of the SCCY CPX-2 HERE.
Gun Owner Gift Guide - firearms

Jeff Get the gun owner in your life what they REALLY want… more guns! There are lots of options to choose from, and all are sure to make them happy. Choose from concealed carry pistols, handguns, rifles, shotguns, hunting rifles, black powder muzzle loaders, bolt action or semi-automatic. The list goes on and on.
Use the coupon code “TENOFF” to get $10 off your $150+ purchase at WebyShops.com

Please use the comments to let us know what we left off of the list. 🙂


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