1943 Mosin Nagant Izhevsk PU Ex-Sniper Rifle

Wow. I picked up a Mosin 91/30 rifle earlier this week from a local seller. Turns out it is a Mosin Nagant 1943 Izhevsk PU ex-Sniper M1891/30 rifle. It wasn’t […]
1943_izzy_mosin_9130_ex_sniper (33)Wow. I picked up a Mosin 91/30 rifle earlier this week from a local seller. Turns out it is a Mosin Nagant 1943 Izhevsk PU ex-Sniper M1891/30 rifle. It wasn’t until a few days after the purchase when I had the bolt out to clean it and noticed some indentions on the inner left wall of the receiver. Moving to better lighting revealed 3 holes with welded in plugs. The outside of the receiver had been ground smooth, with only the slightest evidence of the prior holes still visible. Also, on the left side of the chamber portion of the barrel is a lined-out number that does not match the rifle number. I read that this is the scope serial number from it’s former Mosin PU sniper rifle configuration.

1943 izzy mosin 9130 ex sniper PU scope numberI had read about ex-snipers before before, but never actually seen one. Someone in a Mosin Nagant discussion group on FB told me

“… it’s worth a bit more. If you get a real PU scope on it (or a good repro), it’ll more than double in value.”

That made me happy. Then another guy posted this:

“… congrats… it is in fact a 1943 ex PU sniper. In 2015 they will pull them out of the lot and sell them for more BUT back in the day they didn’t even look and you could find ex snipers in a rack of 50 other plain mosins and even the store owner didn’t know what he had. Then they started to get smart and pulled them from the regular mosins. Tula marked their snipers with a CN or CH mark while Izzy just used scope numbers. most (but not all) ex snipers are very accurate rifles. Both ex pem snipers I have are my best shooting mosin. So congrats you most likely got a very accurate rifle and good shooter.”

1943 izzy mosin 9130 ex sniper ammoEspecially looking forward to seeing how the Mosin Sniper build shoots with bulk, surplus SPAM can ammo vs commercial PPU 182 gr FMJ and PPU 182 gr FMJ Match ammo.
Anyhow, now that I realize the 91/30 is a bit more interesting than a standard round receiver Izhevsk 1943 91/30 I might have to keep it.
What do you think?
Gallery of Mosin Nagant 1943 Izhevsk PU ex-Sniper M1891/30 rifle images:

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